It is time to wait on the Lord!

Recently, I had the opportunity to trust God in a difficult situation. I was babysitting for some people for “the summer”. I wanted to give them a great deal to help them save money, so I did. I was only charging $85 for three days a week for 3 kids. My normal charge is $20/daily, so that was a very awesome deal. Basically, it was $95 less than what the normal charge would be. The kids’ mom mentioned that they would pay whether the kids came or not , so I agreed. There are many challenges to overcome when owning a business. Many seem to view it not as a business, but as a hobby of mine. I am very frugal, so I understand trying to find a great deal! It is difficult to make money to pay bills when this is the case, though. I woke up the other morning and found a text on my phone. The mom texted me to inform me that she did not have the money to pay me each week to watch her kids, so she would be taking them to her cousin for free from then on. This was very frustrating to my husband and I, because we knew them and expected more respect and at least more of a notice. There was no two-week notice or anything! She previously told me that I would be watching all three kids for the rest of the summer and it was not like it was one kid. I reserved all three spots for her kids for the rest of the summer. Needless to say, it was a surprise. My response to her was, “Wow.” I was shocked. After that, she continued to respond and all I could say was, “Don’t text me please.” When I am angry about something inconsiderate that someone does, I try to have some space from them, so I do not say anything hurtful or hateful. I am a sinner just like anyone else and I know that I need space to cool down. Well, she kept responding and I continued to tell her to basically leave me alone. I was very upset and needed to take a breather! She had no clue how much of an inconvenience she had caused our family!

Sometimes, hurtful things happen and we do not understand why. In a way, this was a relief to me. I really was not being paid enough to begin with and well, she would still complain about having to pay that much. It is very hard to want to work for someone that is not appreciative. Anyone should be appreciated for hard work. No human is perfect, though! This world is full of people with flaws and sin struggles, so nothing is perfect in this life. After this happened, I got very depressed and fearful. I realized, after a while, that was not how God wanted me to view this situation. It did happen for a reason and I needed to pray for guidance, so I did. I, then, prayed that if I am no longer supposed to watch kids, then He would show me. The next day, I received another text from a friend that I would be babysitting for in December saying that her job was placing her in another town to work. I was not upset at all since she gave me a 6 month notice! Also, I saw it as an answer from God! It was a pretty quick answer, too! The reason that I am blogging about this situation is to show how God works sometimes. Sometimes, frustrating things happen and we are supposed to be still and know that He is God!  (Psalm 46:10) This can be difficult sometimes, because we do not have the knowledge that God has. We do not see the whole picture, but He does. For all I know, I have lost my income that we were depending on. I was scheduled to start paying my student loans ($400/month) starting in January 2013, which was depending on my other job that was cancelled. I had the choice to either rely on God, or get discouraged. I am praying and relying on God to send me the answers!

I have the conviction to stay at home with Carson and raise him. I do not look down on moms that work and put their children in daycare. It would just be very, very difficult for me to do. I love raising our son and teaching him instead of someone else teaching him! It has been such a blessing to be able to stay at home with him. I love it. Proverbs 3:5 says to trust God and to not lean on your own understanding! This is a perfect example to apply this Bible verse. Every day, we are given the opportunities to live this verse! Prayer and trust is key. Without prayer, we are relying on our own judgment and strength. I am too weak to rely on my own strength. The Bible mentions not to fear at least 365 times and that is one time for each day of the year! Don’t you think that God does not want us to fear?! I think that is enough reason to not fear. He is in control. He is sovereign. When life gives you lemons, make some really awesome stinking lemonade! This is why I will rely on God to help me in this time of waiting on the Lord to help me find a source of income.


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